Hosted VoIP is the future of telecommunications. So get ready for tomorrow, today.

Discover a better way to work. And work better.
  • From £7.50 per user

    MTH VoIP
    • Fully Managed Hosted PBX System
    • Software Support
    • No Wiring or Hardware hassle
    • Lower Upfront and Ongoing Costs
    • Competitive Call Costs
    • Reduces Complexity
    • Easily Scalable
    • Flexible Number Porting
    • Extremely Resilient Infrastructure
    • 24x7x365 Monitoring
    • Flexible Packages
    • UK Based Support Teams

Keep communicating, start saving

Changes to telecommunications will soon mean updating to VoIP is compulsory for everyone. So why not update the way you communicate now? Hosted VoIP from Monkey Tree Hosting will give you all the performance of a traditional telephone system, but with greater flexibility, much cheaper costs and less hassle.

You can easily add or remove users at any time with this fully scalable service that grows with your business.

As with all our cloud solutions, we host our own platform of VoIP, balanced across our own servers and sited in three UK-based data centres. This means we can stay competitive and offer solid reliability.

Get in touch for a free review of your current telecoms and we’ll show you where you can save money and improve your efficiency.


Key Facts!

The benefits of updating your telephone network to Hosted VoIP

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    Companies save an average of 60% on their annual telecoms bill by switching to VoIP.

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    VoIP will become a necessity and not just an option over the next few years. Get ahead of your competitors, now.

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    As calls are made over the internet, you can plug your handset into any internet connection and make/receive calls as if you were in your office.

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    Sound Quality

    No more crackling lines or muffled voices. HD sound quality is here.

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    It’s easy to add a new user to your system with MTH. We grow with you.

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    Internal calls

    You can call and transfer calls between offices on the same System absolutely free of charge. No matter where your offices are. Perfect for multi-office efficiency, with one central control.

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    CRM Integration

    Our VoIP system can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of CRMs. Get in touch to discuss further.

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    We know some businesses need their phones to be online 24x7x365. So our VoIP service comes with 24x7x365 UK-based support