The Team Our team of stars!

The MTH team all work together in a very tight knit team - below we’ve given the official titles, however we often cross-work into different areas of the business. Along with the team below, we also work very closely with the datacentres and their staff. If you’d like to learn more about our team, please feel free to contact us.


Founder & technical director

The initial business idea and technical driving force behind MTH came from Steve. From an early age he showed a high level of technical interest and ability; over the years he’s turned this into a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Between the company website, client server management and MTH systems management, he’s kept busy; saying this, he always finds time for continual skill development, be it personally or through our R&D budget!


Founder & sales director

Coming onboard in mid-2012, David comes from a strong entrepreneurial background and he’s developed and built the business up to what you see today. You’ll often see him out at networking events at 6am or 9pm alike! David also uses his engineering mindset and keen understanding of hardware to develop his systems architecture skills; to date, he’s built a number of complex scalable system architectures.


Senior Systems Engineer

Joining us mid-2014, Mark is a highly qualified Microsoft & CISCO Systems Engineer, with additional coding and a deep knowledge of the windows OS. Mark initially joined the team on a contract basis, before being offered a full-time position within MTH to come and work on MTH's biggest and most complex systems, continually developing them. He is also seen working on the help desk and coding new applications for MTH & Clients.

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